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Be Rescue Ready

During times of disaster, professional first responders go to the areas of greatest need. In these moments, it’s vital for everyday citizens to be prepared to contribute to the community’s safety and security. We’ve partnered with the American Red Cross to create an innovative disaster preparedness workshop called Ready, Set, Respond. After completing this free 90-minute workshop, you’ll know how to prepare for natural disasters common to your area and you’ll be equipped to serve as a Red Cross disaster response volunteer.

Rescue Today

Rescue Today is an initiative aimed at increasing the capacity of first-responder organizations and multiplying the number of citizens who are Rescue Ready in the communities we serve.

AAA & American Red Cross

Together with the American Red Cross, we’ve created Ready, Set, Respond, an innovative disaster preparedness workshop that is free to the general public. The American Red Cross designed this class to increase the number of citizens who are prepared and able to respond in the communities we serve.

We realize everyone’s time is important. That's why the entire workshop experience is only 90 minutes, easily taken at several AAA branches throughout Northern California, Nevada and Utah.

The Ready, Set, Respond workshop starts with personal preparedness lessons, followed by interactive exercises that teach participants how to respond to a local disaster.

Ready, Set,

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Our Goals

Through our unique partnership with the American Red Cross we aim to multiply the number of citizens who are disaster prepared in the communities we serve in Northern California, Nevada and Utah.

  • Disaster Preparedness Education
  • Assist First Responders
  • Empower Everyday Citizens

Why It Matters

When disasters strike, first responders go to the areas of greatest need. Unfortunately, they can't be everywhere at once. Currently, there is only one firefighter for every 280 Americans, and only one EMT for every 348 Americans. During these moments, it’s vital that we everyday citizens be prepared to contribute to the safety and security of our communities. The more prepared we are, the stronger our communities will be when the worst happens.

Rescuer of the Year

The AAA Rescuer of the Year Awards recognize and celebrate local rescuers who have put their lives on the line for someone in urgent need.

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Rescuer of
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Benjamin Kole

Benjamin Kole, Las Vegas Firefighter/Paramedic, had no idea he would end up saving the life of a newborn baby. As the first to respond, Ben rushed into an apartment complex to find a baby had been delivered, but lacked a pulse. Immediately, he began performing CPR, and continued until the baby’s heartbeat reached 90 bpm. A heroic instinct saved this baby’s life, and after 2 ½ weeks, Ben was able to visit her at her home, stable and healthy.

Whether the rescuer is a trained first responder—firefighter, law enforcement officer, emergency medical technician or search-and-rescue volunteer—or simply an everyday citizen, their selfless actions deserve our collective recognition and praise.

With your help, we plan to identify, select and celebrate our local rescuers. Based on your submissions, we'll honor a new rescuer every month. In September 2014, we'll honor the most deserving rescuers from Northern California, Nevada and Utah at the first annual AAA Rescuer of the Year Awards.

Each rescuer will have a meaningful donation made in his or her name to the Rescue Today nonprofit of his/her choice.

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AAA Rescuers are committed to the notion of what is right and just, and have the determination to keep pushing forward in the face of intense danger.

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Ideal AAA Rescuers are first on the scene, not on the stage, always placing the safety of the person in need above their own.

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Complete dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of others, regardless of the danger or difficulty involved—that’s what sets the AAA Rescuer apart.

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AAA Philanthropy

Our primary objectives are to support organizations that rescue people from immediate danger and empower everyday citizens to be Rescue Ready. In addition, we work diligently with youth-focused organizations passionate about developing future leaders, and we contribute funding, resources and expertise to traffic safety organizations and projects.


At AAA, we're committed to helping everyone stay safe on the road. For more than a century, AAA has worked to foster a safe environment for travelers through education, research and advocacy.

Since its founding in 1900, AAA has been a leader in developing and supporting educational and safety programs for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and children. We have focused special attention on three high-risk groups – children, teens and seniors.

Rescue Today

Rescue Today supports first responders and empowers everyday citizens to be Rescue Ready.

Rescue Tomorrow

We’re committed to advancing local organizations that develop the character and broad-based leadership skills in teens and young adults to help them become the rescuers of tomorrow.

Rescuer of the Year

The AAA Rescuer of the Year Awards recognize and celebrate local rescuers who have put themselves at risk for someone in need of urgent help.

AAA Saves

AAA Saves represents our commitment to making the communities we serve safer and stronger. When our sports partners make a save, rebound, or great play we make a donation to a local AAA Saves nonprofit partner in support of disaster readiness and youth leadership development. Join our effort to celebrate saves on and off the field.

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